AUS Rank S Invitationals Season 2 2v2

  • 9 Teams
  • Double Elimination
  • Brawlhalla
  • 2018年 September月 16日 1:00 PM AEST
  • Check in at 已关闭
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The Rank S queue is for the top 16 players of each region. It is designed for those that are good at the game and wish to improve. It functions as a private queue where top players from each region can compete in a private ladder for fame, glory and sometimes prizes. Activity in this queue is a MUST. Do not sign up if you do not want to participate and be active in another ladder. Because it is an Official Rank S discord, we will be enforcing stricter rules regarding toxic and unsightly behaviour in the discord. By playing in this tournament and qualifying you agree to these terms.

Tournament Information

General Rules

  • Format - Double elimination (Winners and Losers brackets, must lose 2 sets to be out of the tournament)
  • Type - Single-stage (Bracket games lead straight to Grand Finals)
  • Set lengths - Best of 3 (first to 2) for each set until Winners, Losers, and Grand Finals, which are Best of 5 (first to 3)
  • Time leniency - Each player has a total of 10 minutes of break time before and during a set, excluding game time.
  • Score reporting - To report the outcome of a set, click the button next to the set you are playing and input the scores and winner.
  • Check-in - Check-in will last for one hour and thirty minutes. We close check-in 30 minutes earlier than Challonge states.  Announcement of check-ins are in the discord server. After check-in has concluded, players will be seeded, and the tournament will begin. You must both register and check-in within the one hour and thirty minute window to play in the tournament.
  • Streaming - No one is permitted to stream their perspective of the tournament without the full approval of the Admin team. You must comply with the tournament owners streaming you.
  • Finding your opponent - It is the responsibility of the players to find their opponent and play their games. Find your opponent by pinging them in #tournament_chat, and private messaging them the room code. If we cannot find your name in the Discord server, you will be disqualified.
  • If a player dies as an "accident" within the first 10 seconds you may reset the game. Any player found abusing this will be disqualified.
  • If you are from somewhere other than AUS you are not permitted to join this tournament.

Stage Selection

Refer to Circuit 1v1 format.

Legend Selection

Legends must be selected before stage selection takes place. Any changes to your legend are not permitted after the stage selection process has begun. Before any further game in the same set, the winner must decide their legend before the loser, who is free to change their legend before beginning the stage selection process.


Just because you place top 8 in this tournament does not mean you are guaranteed entry into Rank S. This is because there are other ways of getting into Rank S such as placing top 8 in the most recent major. The amount of spots we will take depends on the amount of available spots. Also, if you have a history of toxicity, you might not be considered.

All things considered, have fun!


冠军: CL3M + ShadowFish
有价值对手: Powar + Pomelo
下次再说: k1ng + empe


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